New website

What is old is new again…

If you are reading this, then I was successful, if not, well… ;)

I have had a long neglected blog that I haven’t updated in three years and it was hosted on one of the free blog services to be ‘parked’ as most of my writing has been on $social_media.

Now, just to scratch a itch, I decided to modernize the setup, using:

  • the latest in static site generation tech Hugo , where I can do the content development on my laptop/desktop/mobile using Markdown syntax. (More on the mobile portion in another post)
  • checking it all into a git repo which on commit…
  • triggers a web deployment pipeline via AWS Amplify which checks out the branch and “compiles the website” then…
  • publishes the resulting static content via CloudFront where I can use a custom domain.
  • which is all secured over HTTPS & TLS via Amazon Certificate Manager (with auto key rotation).

For now I should be falling under the AWS free tier pricing for the first 12 months, but I expect the costs afterwards to be minimal.

Not sure yet if I am going to copy over the old blog posts, will need to think about that. Also whether to keep this theme or change it up once I get more content in.

In any case I do plan on keeping this up with more frequent content - perhaps at least once a month. It will never be as frequent as say $social_media, but this website is better suited for long form content that I want to have searchable vs meme’s.

So let’s see what this new adventure in writing/blogging holds. ;)

Norwegian Royal Palace, Oslo Norway (Feb 2018)

Norwegian Royal Palace, Oslo Norway (Feb 2018)