2022 Summer Review

As I enter into the Labor Day holiday weekend here in the US, it’s time to do some reflection on what has happened over the summer months. Changing what I eat I made the decision at the beginning of the summer to switch to a mostly whole food, plant based diet. I don’t just say “vegan” since that comes with other baggage, and there is a crap-ton of “junk vegan food” out there.

Apple Silicon and Homebrew

Look, new, shiny Apple Silicon Like a lot of folks in my field, I now have a Apple Silicon based system (in my case a MacBook Air that I am composing this post on). It’s nice and fast for what I am using it for, which is mostly email and web browsing with a little local personal dev work (like this web site). It’s basically a very nice iPad and a keyboard.

Adventures with CarPlay - Part 1

The Problem Statement My daily driver is a 2015 Volkswagen Jetta SEL TDI - I love the car - it gets great fuel mileage (TDI = Diesel) where I can get almost 700 miles on a tank of fuel (on a flat highway). The only downside (and I knew it at the time) was that CarPlay had just been announced around six months before and it would be at least a year before most car manufacturers would announce support for it.

New plosh.net website

What is old is new again… If you are reading this, then I was successful, if not, well… ;) I have had a long neglected blog that I haven’t updated in three years and it was hosted on one of the free blog services to be ‘parked’ as most of my writing has been on $social_media. Now, just to scratch a itch, I decided to modernize the setup, using: the latest in static site generation tech Hugo , where I can do the content development on my laptop/desktop/mobile using Markdown syntax.